Kanshiram Welfare Foundation (KWF) is a research and action based non-profit organization established in 2008. It aims to extend the opportunities for marginalized section across various social groups within the society. It primarily works in the areas of Education, Livelihood and Advocacy. The Foundation is guided by the underlying philosophy that the basic principle of social development is to create an enabling environment for society to develop their full potential, lead productive lives, exercise their choices and participate in decision-making processes. With focus on the marginalized section of the society, without any discriminatory or biased approach, the Foundation has adopted the methodology of community based work. Working with the community, it has successfully been able to initiate a discussion about the need and benefit of education and create an engagement with the youth for livelihood opportunities and related skill-based training. Simultaneously, the Foundation is also actively engaged in Advocacy and campaigning for the holistic education of all members of society.