Education is the most crucial element for personal and social development. It is the driving force behind social and gender equality and has proven to be elemental in gender sensitization and alleviating poverty. Over centuries women have been discriminated against across cultures and nations. In India, it has had a particularly greater impact due to the caste system engrained in the Indian society. It has resulted in dowry system, female feticide and led to higher illiteracy among women. The constant neglect towards them due to the patriarchal social order has pushed them into darkness and has psychologically weakened them. Education has the potential to overcome such barriers. It provides an overall development to both the individual and the society by helping uplift them from poverty, making them aware about healthcare and inculcating a sense of collective responsibility towards each other.
Thus keeping in mind the socio-cultural position of a woman in our society, we are determined to create an environment of equality of opportunities for the women of the marginalized communities. To achieve this goal we focus on the young girls aged between 8-18 years as working with the girls from a younger age will help shape the woman of tomorrow. It is our attempt to empower the disadvantaged girls from marginalized sections in the Indian society through education.